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The Ukrainian National Humanitarian Demining Association

(UNHDA) unites national and international companies in the industry, including demining operators, manufacturers of specialized equipment, technology and protective gear, scientific and educational institutions, financial and insurance companies, and other stakeholders into a professional community. 

Established in 2023 at the initiative of leading national demining operators, UNHDA aims to provide comprehensive support to all industry participants and state authorities for restoration and clearance of the contaminated territory of Ukraine. 

The association aims to comprehensively develop the industry as a whole, improve legislation and regulatory support, implement ethical and professional standards for the training and activities of industry professionals and companies, and protect the professional rights of its members.

Management Bodies:

Association board:

Chairman of the board – Petrachenko V.

Board members:
  • Dema V.
  • Petrenko S.
  • Mnishchenko O.
  • Bondarenko O.

Head of Association: Akopian M.

Deputy Head of Association: Botnarenko O., Dichek O.

Projects Coordinator in EU: Natalie Grant.

Projects Coordinator in North America: Tsylyuryk Mykyta.

Our Partners:

Transimpex LLC

International Demining Group LLC

National Technical University of Ukraine “I. Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Humanitarian Security LLC

Ukrainian Demining Group LLC


MarsMD Ukraine LLC

Arkhipe-lag LLC

MEHA-POLIS Insurance company

Ministry of veterans affairs of Ukraine

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Ministry of Economy of Ukraine

Embassy of Japan in Ukraine

The Future for Ukraine Charitable Foundation



Our values:

Free will and equality of members.

Compliance with the law and transparency for society and the media.

Independence and high level of qualification.

Prevention of conflicts of interest.

Competence and integrity.

Respect for the profession

Supremacy of the law.

Honesty and fairness

1. Supporting the activities of state authorities in mine action in Ukraine.

2. Facilitating the development of the humanitarian demining services market in Ukraine.

3. Improving legislation and regulatory framework in the field of mine action.

4. Enhancing the professional training of industry specialists. Collaboration with educational and research institutions.

5. Supporting the improvements of technology and equipment for mine action produced in Ukraine.

6. Supporting the use of modern equipment, technologies, and methods in mine action in Ukraine.

7. Sharing practical experience of the use of modern demining equipment and techniques among association members.

8. Improving the professional training system for mine action companies. Providing methodological assistance to association members in addressing work deficiencies and enhancing the qualifications of their specialists.

9. Conducting training for specialists and sharing experience.

10. Representing and protecting the interests of association members in relations with state authorities, local self-government bodies, enterprises, institutions, and organizations, including foreign entities.

11. Institutional development and improvement of the Association at national, regional, and international levels.

12. Collaborating with international professional organizations, as well as with international donor programs and technical assistance projects. Representation of the interests of the Ukrainian stakeholders of the industry at the international level.

13. Transitioning to universally accepted standards and norms, including implementation of NATO and UN instruments and incorporating their experience. Facilitating opportunities for cooperation, exchange of experience, and participation in joint demining operations.

14. Promoting the effectiveness of the information technology sector in mine action through the development, discussion, and proposals of objectively justified classifiers, mine action standards, operational reliability, and safety.

15. Increasing public awareness of the risks of injury and death associated with unauthorized handling of explosive objects. Providing prompt assistance to XO victims.

16. Wide dissemination of information to the public and professional community about the activities of the UNHDA, sector issues, and international best practices through specialized, business, and general media, as well as social media.

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